Assets searches

Assets Searches

Being a capital city, Delhi is the major hub of business and commerce. Many big MNC’s have set up their main branches in Delhi. However, in the past years the rise of financial irregularities and fraud has become increasingly important for individuals and companies to safeguard their assets. In this whole matter asset searches verification plays a vital role.

An asset search is the research, analysis, and documentation of various types of records to verify the assets owned by an individual, group of individuals, or organization. An asset is anything that has monetary value and includes bank accounts, automobiles, property, and businesses; less common assets include things like art, life insurance policies, trademarks, leases, and patents.

Also, asset search investigation helps individual and companies to identify assets, verify financial statements, find financial accounts and identify fraudulent activity. This helps in confirming about ownership of assets by a person or company by locating public records. An asset provides good value to businesses and individual alike. We at Indian Detective Services solve each and every case with perfection and follow ethical and legal standards, ensuring that the investigation is undertaken correctly and legally.

Want to know how asset investigation works?

Gathering information about the debtor’s assets is a crucial step in the legal process. An asset search reveals about different types of assets. An asset search investigation can help you to investigate if your new investor is using fake name, hiding their assets or even committing fraud.

How do Indian Detective Services help with Asset Verification?

With more than 20 years of experience in investigation, we have resolved many asset search investigation cases with good success records. We have a team of experienced detectives who have good knowledge and expertise to conduct asset verification efficiently and effectively.

The firm has all the license and registration required for investigation purposes. Also, we import data and important details from best possible sources. The company assures complete surety to make the whole process smooth and hassle free for the client. All the detectives working with this organization can devote themselves to work with scientific procedures and foolproof strategies. The company can work for individuals, group, government agencies and corporations.

So if you are facing any issues in our business and searching for best detective agency, Indian Detective Agency will support you round the clock with no hidden and miscellaneous charges.

The list of assets that can be revealed during asset search are:

  • Bank accounts
  • Vehicles, boats, and planes
  • Real estate
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Brokerage and retirement accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Income sources
  • Business affiliation
  • Business assets
  • Financial records