Theft investigations

Theft Investigation

The theft is a term covering a variety of thefts which includes stealing, robbery, burglary and the crimes of larceny. Theft is defined as the physical removal of an object that is capable of being stolen without the consent of the owner and with the intention of depriving the owner of it permanently.

Because of daily crime and thefts, companies suffer a loss of huge amount every year. Imagine if someone steals a brand new device from the company and you don’t have security cameras within the office premises. Is that a cause for concern? Or on the other hand, large amount of money is missing from your bank account. Is that a major issue?

Yes, it does and it needs a proper investigation. So if you are facing these issues you can contact Indian Detective Services. Incepted in the year 2012, Indian Detective Services is counted among one of the leading detective agencies in India. Since its inception, the company offers best possible solutions with 100% success rate for the benefits of their clients. The director of the company is having more than 20 years experience in investigation field. Also, Indian Detective Services has a group of retired people who have a great working experience in major fields of army, IB, CBI and Police department.

What types of theft do employees commit?

So you are wondering how employee theft from their employers? From surfing through their social media during work to committing financial fraud, there are numerous ways that an employee can commit theft in their organization during working hours. Here we have listed some common thefts that happens within office premises

  1. Stealing office material/supplies: some of the employees are so smart that they try to steal office material and supplies. This type of stealing comes under theft category. Even doing personal printing also counts under the theft category
  2. Time Theft: occurs when employees steal from their employer by charging bogus hours. Buddy punching is also counted under time theft. In buddy punching, an employee clicks in favor of his/her coworker who is late.
  3. Data Theft: In data leakage cases more than 50% of cases are occur because of insider/company employees. Employees can also do theft of stealing trade secrets and client information.
  4. Financial Fraud: This is the most common theft nowadays. Under this theft someone from accounts department or finance department can use company’s funds for their personal purposes.

So in future, if you notice any of the theft in your organization, you can immediately opt for Indian Detective Services. We will help you to solve all your theft problems. In the past we have solved many theft investigation cases with high success rate.

Why to Choose Indian Detective Services

Good planning can make the theft investigation to go as smooth as possible. So don’t waste your valuable time in thinking, go for immediate theft investigation with us at Indian Detective Services