surveillance investigation


Surveillance means doing in-depth observation about something or somebody usually motivated by suspicion, in the world of private investigation. The purpose of surveillance investigation is to collect information or data about the suspect. Surveillance investigation is mostly performed by surveillance detectives, corporate investigators and security officers. There are number of reasons to conduct a surveillance investigation. The list includes:

  • To get detailed information about a person
  • Get to know about site location of illegal activities
  • Obtain intelligence about a subject, criminal group or location
  • To locate a hidden/stored property
  • To obtain evidence for use in court
  • To obtain information about someone’s activities or the status of their health

In India, Indian Detective Services is the good detective agency which can conduct a thorough investigation with the help of well-trained and qualified detectives. A surveillance detective agency is the first name that comes in mind when it comes to investigations since a private investigator hired for a case specifically focuses on an individual case at a time. Unlike the numerous cases that police officers handle at a time, surveillance detectives give their best focus and attention to one individual case at a time.

Reasons to hire a private detective agency for Surveillance Investigation

There are 3 types of investigation to get a surveillance investigation done

  1. Investigating by Yourself: this is the method that most of the people choose to do or want to do investigation themselves as they think hiring detective agency becomes a costly affair. Or they think detective agencies will take more time or will do a slow investigation. So they think they can manage all the investigation themselves. But at the end it proves to be a unsuccessful investigation as they don’t have enough techniques or technologies to conduct a proper surveillance investigation
  2. Report a case with police: Filling a case with the police is a first step that a person can take. But this is a time consuming process as police have a number of files in a row. So it results in delay investigation.
  3. Hiring a private detective agency: This is one of the most preferred and effective way of conduction surveillance investigation. Detective agencies have a group of highly trained detectives that investigate the case properly and assured that the subject is either declared as a culprit or an innocent. Also, detective agencies have the required techniques and technologies to conduct a surveillance investigation.

Techniques used in Surveillance Investigation

  • Electronic Monitoring: under electronic monitoring, they use electronic devices to observe the subject including wiretapping. It refers to monitoring of emails, calls, fax, and any telephonic communications. The subject is tracked from the moment they wake up to the minute they sleep.
  • Fixed Surveillance: In a fixed surveillance detectives are required to do the investigation from a fixed distance. They can go wherever the subject goes and do investigation about whatever is happening. These observations are then pen down in paper and missing links are connected together.
  • Undercover Operations: Undercover operations means, that an undercover agent will be sent near the subject in a manner so neutral that they don’t recognize our agent and live their life as is.

Confused about what type of cases comes under surveillance investigation? Want to know more about surveillance investigation cases?

Child custody: under this parents wants to do investigation about their children

Criminal: A criminal surveillance investigation is conducted to keep a note of an individual who is a suspect for stealing, employee theft, rape or molestation. 

Mobile: This investigation requires our surveillance detectives to chase down the subject in a moving vehicle. It largely depends on traffic and the external conditions.

Personal: if you feel your partner cheating on you, you can opt for a surveillance investigation. During this investigation investigators can track their phones, emails and all other records

Corporate: if you are in a business partnership and you feel cheated by your business partner, you can opt for surveillance investigation to keep a check on their whole day activities. Also, you can track their phone calls, emails and all records with a surveillance investigation.

So why wait more, book your surveillance investigation toady with Indian Detective Services.